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Being from Montreal, we thought it would be strange to spend a week as tourists in our native city. To our amazement, we really appreciated the experience. The building is conveniently located; everything is in proximity (subway station, grocery stores, tourists attractions, etc.). The apartments included everything we needed. And we really found the swimming pool and gym to be an appreciable advantage.
— Chantal and Dominic, Bombardier Transport

All our crew and performers from Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, USA, and Taiwan loved our stay at Trylon Apartments. We felt at home and had everything we needed. We will come back.
— Jerry Snell, New Circus Asia

Since my very first stay, I have appreciated the peacefulness at Trylon Apartments as well as its proximity to everything downtown. For pleasure as much as for work.
— Bruno Caron, GBR Consulting

We have been coming to Trylon Apartments regularly since 1998, and we always feel welcomed. We are very satisfied with their service.
— Mr. and Mrs. Pétrus, Guadeloupe

To be completely honest, I have no complaints. Everything is always perfect! It’s always a pleasure to stay here and I really feel at home.
— Latifa Rhoul, Rabat, Morocco

I’ve been coming to Trylon Apartments for many years now, and each stay brings me the same great pleasure. I feel at home and the staff is sort of like a big family. I truly recommend them.
— Louis Levy Garboua

Everything in the apartment was sparkling clean. A real pleasure.
— Val Hooper, Victoria University of Wellington

We are very much satisfied with our stay at Trylon Apartments. Everything is so clean and the staff is always on hand to offer excellent service.
— Marianne et Jacques

I really enjoyed my stay at Trylon Apartments. The personnel offers great service and the building is clean and well kept.
— Lesley Andrassy

I really enjoyed my stay here. My apartment was excellent and the reception warm. The entire staff is helpful, resourceful, and so nice. Recommended!
— Sophie Lambard

Great as usual, thank you. The apartments are clean and well-equipped.
— M. Stoody, Cirque du Soleil, Wintuk

Simply the best short term lodging I have ever seen on tour. Excellent facilities and a friendly staff that understands the particular needs of artists on tour. Thanks!
— James Tanabé, New Circus Asia

We would like to thank your staff for their professionalism during our special event. Everything went marvelously well and we were all well served. Our guests loved the place and found it to be beautifully decorated, nor too big nor too small, warm and friendly. I sincerely believe that you will book many more reservations following our event.
— Martine Huard, Communications coordinator, Groupe TVA

For a successful event to occur, perfect chemistry was vital: An evening where the beauty of the salon; the ambiance; the guests and the unfolding of the event enchanted us all. A unique and friendly place where the splendid wood surfaces, the colors and the symmetry all dance together in harmony. I surprised myself dreaming of such a place as my apartment. I had a magnificent evening, however, I admit that I was fascinated by the decor.
— Jocelyne Évraire, Chief Director Fondation des Muséums nature Montréal

… As soon as you enter this magnificent room, which is nothing less than extraordinary, your first impression is one of grandeur and wellbeing. The superb and centralized fireplace creates a cozy and intimate ambiance. It’s a bit like huddling around a campfire. As for the other areas of this grand salon, there’s something for everyone: dancing, entertainment and comfort. And I warmly commend the service, which is worthy of a King.
— Luc Nicol, Technical Support

I would like to thank your staff for their utter efforts in meeting our needs expediently. I also thank you for the warm welcome and the professionalism our artists received upon their arrival. The apartments I visited were all impeccable and I especially appreciated Salon Thalia’s ambiance and decor. Its warm colors, furniture and central fireplace make it a cozy place to reunite.
— Lucie Girouard, Housing Coordinator Cirque du Soleil

Public relations and events consultant, MarieFrance! Inc.”]The launching of my company was the very first event held at Salon Thalia. And yes, Trylon’s guest lounge is magnificent. Thanks.
— Marie-France Brennan-Paquin

It was so pleasant working in your guest lounge Salon Thalia. The setting is warm, intimate and so friendly. Everyone there is beautiful. Congratulations!!!
— Richard Pilon, Pilon Vandal Caterers

When we last visited you in February, we were pleasantly surprised. At first sight, you sense the atmosphere is relaxed and the environment is refined. The open layout of the place, its modern furniture and choice of materials all contribute, I’m sure, to create this atmosphere. This is a great discovery for us.
— Andrée Tremblay et Philippe Hudon, Montreal Jazz Big Band

We chose Salon Thalia because of its intimate beauty, which gave the evening a feeling of familiarity, which encouraged guests to come together and discuss. The fireplace in the middle of the space also created a cozy effect and brought people together. The valet service on hand largely contributed to the evening’s success.
— Stéfanie Pichette, invited guest at the MarieFrance! Inc. launching

As a special events consultant and organizer on behalf of my clients, I have had the pleasure of reserving Salon Thalia on several occasions. It’s a marvel of design! What’s more, during these occasions, Trylon Apartments courteously provided my production team with a cozy tastefully decorated apartment. Big thanks again and again!
— Marie-France Brenna-Paquin, Public relations and events consultant, MarieFrance! Inc.